Social Media advertising

Stay in touch with your audience during these uncertain times.

Social advertising allows your business to reach out to a new targeted audience promptly. If your business is currently struggling amidst these uncertain times, implementing strategic advertisements via Facebook and Instagram is a method that will help reach out to a broader audience. Online shopping has seen a massive increase due to the current circumstances, which means social advertisements are more effective now, more than ever. Have a new special you wish to promote, looking to advertise a new product? Whatever the case may be, Insert can create the ideal advertisement that will reach out to your desired audience, drive website traffic, and increase engagement.

Effective social advertising goes beyond simply boosting a post. Boosting a post comes with a limited target audience and does not allow for advanced demographics and behavioural options. Here at Insert, we will develop social advertisements that reach out to specific audiences, target competitors audience, target consumers who recently visited your website, and target audiences with specific interests related to your business.

We understand the difficulties your business may be facing during these uncertain times, and we're here to help. Get in touch with us today, and we'll find the right strategy for your business.